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Blouson Air Comfort

Eastman Leather Clothing

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This new addition to our range is undoubtedly set to be one of the most popular. Unlike most of our other styles, this is not a military spec jacket, but we’re sure it would have been if the flyboys of WWII had ever dreamed such a design could have been adopted.

In the post war years of the late 40’s, early 50’s, American clothing manufacturers were not slow to take advantage of the glamorous flyboy image. The war was won, and images of the returning heroes of the armed forces gave the nation a feeling of pride and optimism.

The US Pilot, in his leather A-2 jacket, projected a quintessential image of the US hero, and so the high street fashion industry rose to the occasion, by emulating a jacket style which every man, young or old, would be proud to wear.

Unlike the basic WWII issue A-2 jacket – which is still of course an unbeatable classic, even in it’s simplistic design – the new commercial offerings were designed with certain additional features and ‘improvements’ – details such as a fur collar, warmer lining, inside pockets (a feature the original WWII design desperately needed), and outside hand warmer pockets were incorporated to various degrees into these new high street hybrid flight jackets. This type of garment very quickly, and aptly, became generically referred to as a ‘Bomber Jacket’, a term which most people are familiar with to this very day.

Big manufacturer names from the 40s and 50s come to mind when reminiscing about the vintage ‘Bomber Jacket’, such as Sears, Montgomery Ward, The Goodgal Clothing Co, even some of the wartime companies that were officially contracted to make flight jackets for the Army Air Force, went on to make their own commercial versions of the Bomber Jacket.

Our offering of this classic genre is ‘The Air Comfort’. We have spared no expense in the manufacture of this superb garment, by incorporating many of the best features which could be found from the original examples of that time:


  • Dark Seal Brown, Aniline dyed Horsehide for the shell, which will burnish and age to look like a true vintage original with wear.

  • Extra deep mouton fur collar, with reinforced trapunto stitching to the rear.

  • The mouton covered throat latch enables the sumptuous collar to be securely fastened when turned up, holding the fur close to the wearers neck and sealing out any cold drafts which threaten to chill.

  • Highest quality, brushed cotton ‘moleskin’ lining, in the front hand warmer pockets for extra comfort.

  • Fully lined throughout, with an extremely high quality quilted lining. This is made from a Ruby Red Rayon Satin (not nylon), and quilted using a tight ¾” diamond quilt pattern, guaranteeing your warmth for most cold weather occasions.

  • The two, deep, side entry inside pockets, allow ample and secure stowage for all your personal effects.

  • 100% worsted wool is used for the cuffing and waistband trim.

  • A heavy duty Talon zip closes the front.

    The Air Comfort captures that classic post war Bomber Jacket appearance, which is so appealing to all those who appreciate a good looking vintage leather jacket. Hang one of these in your wardrobe, and you wont be sorry you did!

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