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Blouson USN Type M422A

Eastman Leather Clothing

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Originally standardized by the U.S. Navy's Bureau of Aeronautics on 28th March 1940, as the M-422, the addition of a pencil slot in the left pocket warranted the change of spec to M-422A on the 1st October 1941.

It saw action in every battle that USN/USMC aviators took part: From U-Boat hunting in the North Atlantic, to the decisive Pacific engagements at Midway, Guadalcanal and the 'Marianas Turkey Shoot'.

It had even attained fame before the United States were officially involved in WWII. In 1941 the Nationalist Chinese government purchased a quantity of USN flying gear. This was to equip a group of American volunteer airmen, who they had enlisted to help in their fight against the Japanese. The majority of these pilots who flew those renowned shark-mouthed P-40s, were clad in M-422As. They were to become one of the most famous fighter groups to emerge from WWII: The AVG Flying Tigers!

A testament to the good looking and extremely functional design of this jacket is that with only the most subtle of changes to its basic design, it continued to be issued to U.S. Navy pilots right up to present day; known now as the G-1.

Our M422A is made from an absolutely superb 3oz veg tanned Goatskin. It features that distinctive pebbley grain in the leather that is synonymous with the originals, and the weight and handle can not be bettered.

Other authentic details include:

  • Rayon Satin lining dyed to the correct burgundy shade
  • 100% wool knit with correct weave pattern
  • USN stencilling behind the collar
  • Authentic Talon zipper
  • Real mouton sheepskin collar
  • Correct spec woven label

    Available in sizes: 36 - 48.


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